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    Hi my name is Tasha, I am from the caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago. I have been teaching ESL and other core curiculum subjects to non-native speaking children around the world in British International schools. My qualifications are: Dip-ED EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, TESOL, JOLLY PHONICS, DSL SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE LEVEL 1. I love teaching, I enjoy being creative and utilising new ideas and approaches to improve the learning environment for my students. I incorporate a variety of hands on activities, fun manipulatives and learning projects to inspire and motivate the students in my care. This also includes the innovative integration of technology across the curriculum. I believe WB. YEATS captured the exhilaration of learning when he said " education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire". My job as a teacher is to ignite in my learners a passion and love for learning and become global minded leaders equipped with skills for the 21 Century and beyond.

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    I have had the wonderful opportunity to explore different cultures, learn a new language or two and taste different cuisines in my international pursuit of excellence in education. My experiences have taken me to Egypt: Cairo British School where I taught non native speakers ages 6-7 English, Science, Maths and History in fun and interesting ways including but not limited to story telling, role play, music to name a few. Of course being in a country that is rich in History made for the best of hands-on learning experiences and a lot of our learning experiences were rich with real world outdoor activities. Qatar - Aljazeera Academy: Here I taught non-native speaking children English and Science as well as private home tutoring (ESL) to parents and children from age 6 - 30 years old. Romania - Cambridge School of Bucharest: A city that needs no introduction to the cultural enthusiast. My interest in vampire movies led me to 1 year of exciting, captivating and memorable teaching experiences in this beautiful city. My mixed age class grouping was an International mix of children of different nationalities ranging from the age of 3-5 year old non native speakers. Turkey - The love of the meditarrean climate, the hospitality of the Turkish people and inquisitive nature of children captured my heart in the beautiful city of Istanbul and Mersin. I spent 1 month during the summer teaching English as a second language to children ages 6 -10 in an immersion setting, Peru - My love of learning new languages led me to the city of the Maya and Incas. Still learning Spanish I enjoyed 6 months teaching English to children age 6-8 years old . Falkland Islands - I have enjoyed my time in braving the artic weather in the South Atlantic. My teaching here has definitely been interesting and memorable. Being a sole teacher in a remote settlement teaching English and other core curriculum subjects to both native and non native speakers in an immersion setting between the ages of 3 - 10 years old in a variety of ways including online and telephone teaching has definitely equipped me with different teaching, lesson delivery and differentiation skills. Trinidad & Tobago- Here is where it all began, my native land. My experience began in an Early Childhood Education Center teaching preschool age chidren 3-5 through an integrated curriculum approach which included English as the main language of delivery. The focus was learning through play and other hands on acitivities which included singing, dancing, role play and music.

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    Start date: September 30, 2018
    Age range: Kindergarten
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    Age range: Kindergarten
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