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pervaiz saliki

  • About

    My name is Salik. I’m from Pakistan but I came to Scotland as a child. I stay in Falkirk, which is between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I have been a professional teacher for over 30 years, here in the UK and in Pakistan. I have many hobbies: Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Chess, Bridge, Coin –Collecting , Sci-fi, writing and Astronomy.

  • Experience

    I have many degrees and certificates, including TEFL. I am fluent in English. I taught English as a second language for 14 years to Cambridge O Level standard (about Grade 11). I can teach you all aspects of written and spoken English. I have also written 4 e-books on various topics like spelling, creative writing, essay writing. My students' results in examinations have been exceptional. I am patient, encouraging and professional.

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