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Pegah Chelledavan

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  • About

    I am Pegah Chelledavan. I was born and I am based in Iran. I have started learning English since I was ten. So I am fluent enough as an speaker and teacher. I attended TTC courses when I was eighteen. I studied BA in English Literature at Semnan University and also MA in the same major at Azad University of Science and Research.  I have taught teenagers from 13 to 18 so I am quite aware of their expectations and their goals. I have taught different ESL books including Four Corners, Teen2Teen,American English File and Family and Friends. 

  • Experience

    I have been teaching English since 2018. I have taught in different institutes. I have been teaching in Eqlima institute since 2018. I have taught different levels in this institute including basic, Elementary, Intermediate and advanced. Also I have taught different ESL books such as Four Corners, Family and Friends and American English File. I have taught in Respina Language Academy in 2019. I have taught Teen2Teen 2 and 3 there. I have been teaching in Lmap Online Institute since August 2020. I had also some private tutoring based on Top Notch books.

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