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Paul Lopez

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  • About

    I am a married father of two daughters. My oldest is at university, while my youngest is in middle school. I currently attend Nicholls State University as a Literary Studies student attempting to reach a life-long goal of becoming an English professor at university. I am a native American-English speaker of Mexican decent with a neutral accent (and speak conversational Spanish) and have always found languages fascinating. I have been tutoring online for over a year now and find it to be one of the most gratifying, if not the most gratifying, jobs I have ever held. I enjoy getting to learn about the different cultures of my students, as well as, seeing the similarities and differences of people from different nations and of different ages.

  • Experience

    I have taught online for Palfish and Cambly, Inc for just over a year, in which time, I have amassed over 6,500+ lessons taught. I have taught students from over 57 countries from ages 4 to 60+. I am also TESOL certified.

  • Preferences
    Start date: January 4, 2021
    Age range: Elementary
    Institution type: Online
    Age range: Elementary
    Country: Turkey
    Area: City
    City: None specified