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Nwabisa Maweni

20200612 111621
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    I am a self-motivated, energetic individual who enjoys being challenged both mentally and physically. I am team player but also thrive on individual excellence. I also apply excellent leadership abilities when asked of me and I am not afraid to sacrifice myself for the betterment of the team whilst still maintaining my core values and morals. It is indicative of these values that I treat any and every opportunity I have with high esteem and valour. I am not one who backs away from a challenge but thrive on the pressure of being put in tight corners where others would give up; I gain a lot of energy from working and showing off my talents. Although I am not one who boasts about achievements and accolades, I still believe though, that ascertaining your knowledge base and knowing your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses not only makes you a better person, but puts you in line to achieve what it is you set out to achieve.

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