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Nicole Jones

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    My name is Nicole. I am an American from the small city of Douglasville, Georgia who lives in the United States. I have been working in ESL education only a few months but I fell in love with education over twenty years ago. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Sociology as well as earned a Master of Public Administration. Lastly, I earned a Master of Science in Psychology. I started my teaching career teaching children in elementary school. I have progressed to teaching college students. I have taught at all grade levels as a substitute teacher. My favorite and most rewarding teacher experience has been teaching students online. I have had the privilege to reach students anywhere and everywhere in the world and that has been exciting to me. I encourage class discussion by creating a 'conversational atmosphere' in the classroom. I help foster a relaxed classroom by frequently asking for class feedback and alternative ways to explain the day's material. With this information, I try to incorporate students comments, along with my own, into class discussions to give them an active role in the classroom. It would be my honor to teach at your school. Should you give me the opportunity I can promise that I will bring a level of professionalism, compassion, understanding and support to students that is unsurpassed.

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    Start date: September 24, 2018
    Age range: Any
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    City: Douglasville, GA, USA