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Minerva Ligmayo

  • About

    I am a qualified English teacher and I hold a TESOL and TEFL certificate for teachers of English as a foreign language, a qualification which is internationally recognized. . I grew up in the Philippines and studied a BS Information Technology and Secondary Education Between 2014 and 2020 I worked as an English Teacher for over three years now, a wide variety of projects. I have also taught IELTS, Business travel.conversational at degree level. From my formal education and my own studies I have a broad overview of the cultural context in which English is used and I am familiar with a wide range of spoken and written styles of English. Through my work I have come into contact with different working cultures and a diverse range of English speakers in private companies, public bodies, sporting organisations and academia. I have worked with people for whom Chinese is their first language, and many for whom English is their second or third language.

  • Experience

    I have been teaching English since 2017

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