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Gerard Navratil

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    I am writing to express my interest in a position as an English Teacher. My background includes 10 years of experience as an ESL Instructor and as a Private Tutor for adults and youth within various classroom settings both locally and overseas and teaching music professionally for over 10 years. You will note in my resume that I’m a Certified Instructor of TESL and TEFL. I have taught students from; Asia, Europe, South America and Canada. I have travelled and lived overseas in China, Taiwan (China) Thailand, and Czech Republic to teach and tutor students while integrating and learning language and culture. Wide-ranging subjects taught include; Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, IELTS, Pronunciation, Idioms and Slang, Conversation, Singing and songs, Medical English Past employers have commented on my teaching style with a constant awareness of the student’s interests, needs and abilities. I’ve developed an ability to quickly and easily connect with students through patience, a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. It would be a great pleasure to speak with you in a personal interview to further discuss how my skills and experience would be of benefit. Please contact me at through email at navratilgerard3@gmail.comI look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you for your time and kind consideration. Sincerely, Gerard Navratil

  • Experience

    § Over 10 years of experience as an ESL Instructor and Private Tutor for adult students and youth aged 3 -18 years old from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France and Czech Republic in Canada and overseas. § Certified Instructor of TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) § Subjects taught have included; Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Idioms and Slang, Spelling, Singing and Music, Medical English § Led students on sightseeing trips to build and enhance knowledge with opportunity to use language skills in real life situations § Travelled and lived overseas to teach students while integrating and learning language and culture § Online teaching- marketing for online students, communicating with parents, scheduling students Creating lesson plans fit to the needs of the students and their level

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    Start date: July 21, 2020
    Age range: Elementary
    Institution type: Online
    Age range: Elementary
    Country: Any
    Area: Rural
    City: any city for online

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