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Gareth Bevis

  • About

    I am a highly motivated, driven individual with a positive attitude who enjoys new challenges. I’ve always had a lifelong passion for history and culture which led me to live in Asia after graduating from University. Whilst in China I taught English to children and adults whilst studying Mandarin, achieving the highest level of fluency (level 6). Teaching became my passion and I soon discovered the endless rewards it offered. After recently completing my TEFL certificate, I am now looking to continue my career as an English Teacher in the U.K

  • Experience

    ESL Teacher, Kings English, Qingdao, China (2012 - 2018): Teaching 3 - 12-year-olds spoken English in classes of 4 - 12 children. This role included lesson planning, evaluating student progress and field trips. Besides English I also taught my students science, art and phonics. My class was rated the highest achieving and was oversubscribed due to my student’s high-grade scores at the end of each year. I was also a mediator between foreign teachers and native speakers due to my advanced language skills and ability to resolve issues alongside good people management. I managed teaching assistants in my classroom, training them in class management, lesson preparation and how to build good working relationships with students. IELTS Teacher, Qingdao university, Qingdao, China. (2014-2016) Teaching spoken English and grammar to students aged 19-25. Responsibilities included but not limited to evaluating students' strengths and weaknesses by creating regular mock examinations. Creating a safe and friendly classroom environment which allowed students to grow and improve as much as possible. Encouraging students who lack self-confidence to believe in their abilities and setting realistic goals for them. Advising students and their parents on which universities to choose after graduation based on their specific needs. Making PowerPoint presentations to communicate the required knowledge in the most effective way. Coming up with unique and innovative approaches to teach students through role play, interesting dialogues, and energetic debates. ESL Teacher, Ikasan International School, South Korea (2009 - 2011): Teaching English at an international school in South Korea to a variety of different students with varying ages (8 years- adults) and abilities. This was an intense role that required teaching without an assistant to 10 - 15 students from 11am to 9pm. I prepared lessons plans and interactive games to teach my classes in a clear, fun and often animated fashion.

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