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Annie Davies

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  • About

    I am a TEFL and university graduate with a passion for the outdoors. I believe in making learning and education fun and exciting for students. I am highly motivated and fully equipped to help students reach their English goals.

  • Experience

    I have been teaching children and adults for the last 8 years in a highly engaging outdoor environment, I have been working at residential centres where our aim is to develop children through a range of physical and mental challenges. Working with a wide range of children and age groups has been extremely beneficial in improving my understanding of how children learn, whether visually, kinaesthetically or digitally and allows me to adapt my teaching and instructing techniques.

  • Preferences
    Start date: November 4, 2020
    Age range: Kindergarten
    Institution type: Online
    Age range: Kindergarten
    Country: Any
    Area: Rural
    City: None specified