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Anna Barbulescu

  • About

    I am a degree-educated, qualified EFL teacher. I am a creative person and I am keen to use this skill to design engaging lessons to inspire my students. I work well in a team and can also show initiative / work on my own if needed and can communicate well at all levels and ages. Furthermore, I always try to combine my passion for teaching with my organisational skills and outgoing personality. As detailed in my CV (attached), my voluntary and paid work as an English teacher has given me considerable experience in teaching both children and adults. Having taught English to young learners abroad on my gap year, I decided to get qualified after completing my university degree in Journalism as I plan to pursue teaching as a career.

  • Experience

    I have previously worked as an English teacher in a private preschool in Romania, teaching young learners ages 3-7 and I am volunteering at the moment as a teaching assistant, as part of a Government scheme to help refugees.

  • Preferences
    Start date: September 1, 2016
    Age range: Any
    Institution type: Any
    Age range: Any
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