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Common ESL/TEFL Interview Questions and How to Answer Them


Job interviews can be nerve-racking experiences, but they don't have to be! The best way to reduce your nerves and make sure that you nail the interview is by being well prepared. Read on to find a list of the most likely interview questions for ESL/TEFL positions and how to answer them correctly.


How has your education and/or experience helped to prepare you for this position?
Think about the skills necessary to be a good teacher and highlight how your education/experience has helped to improve those skills. If you have taken a teaching course, explain in detail what the course has helped you to understand and how you are able to apply it to the classroom.


How would you deal with a badly behaved child?
Every teacher has their own way of dealing with disobedience in the classroom. Draw on your experience and explain the most effective ways that you have managed badly behaving children. Highlight the fact that every child is different, so no single approach will be...

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