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Common ESL/TEFL Interview Questions and How to Answer Them


Job interviews can be nerve-racking experiences, but they don't have to be! The best way to reduce your nerves and make sure that you nail the interview is by being well prepared. Read on to find a list of the most likely interview questions for ESL/TEFL positions and how to answer them correctly.


How has your education and/or experience helped to prepare you for this position?
Think about the skills necessary to be a good teacher and highlight how your education/experience has helped to improve those skills. If you have taken a teaching course, explain in detail what the course has helped you to understand and how you are able to apply it to the classroom.


How would you deal with a badly behaved child?
Every teacher has their own way of dealing with disobedience in the classroom. Draw on your experience and explain the most effective ways that you have managed badly behaving children. Highlight the fact that every child is different, so no single approach will be...

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How to Land Your Dream ESL Job


Teaching abroad is a great way to expand your horizons, travel, and get paid doing it! Let's take a look at the things you need to consider in your application to help you land the ESL job of your dreams.


Required Documents

CV -  An absolute must so that the school/recruiter can find out about you. A cover letter is also a good idea, but it is not necessary.

Degree (copy) - This is required for most teaching positions. A lot of countries require these documents to be legalized/apostilled, so check that beforehand!

Passport (copy) - Another required document that will probably need to be legalized/apostilled first.

Reference letters - These are not required, but they are always a good addition to your application.

TEFL/CELTA certificate (copy) - Depending on the country, this may or may not be necessary.


CV writing tips

Use good formatting. There are a lot of CV templates on the internet for inspiration. Try to make your CV look as clean and professional as...

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Why You Should Teach ESL in Korea


There is a reason why Korea is one of the top destinations in the world for ESL teachers. There are many benefits to teaching in South Korea and the thousands of teachers that flock there every year can't be wrong. Take a look below to find out why you should take the plunge and get a job teaching in the Land of the Morning Calm.


Plentiful Jobs

Thanks to Korea's thriving economy and attitude towards education, there is always a high demand for English teachers. This means that if you are a viable candidate, it should not take you long to find a teaching job in the city of your choice. It's also easy to arrange a job before you leave your home country, by conduction interviews by Skype and corresponding by email/phone.


Good Location for Traveling

Korea is surrounded by excellent locations to fit in extra travel in your holidays. You can take a short trip to Japan for just a little over $100, as well as fly to any number of nearby Asian countries. In...

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How Become a Better Teacher in Your Free Time


A lot of people move abroad as an escape from ordinary life. They dream of greener pastures, adventure and a fresh outlook on life. As a foreign teacher, however, you have an enormous responsibility not only as an educator but as an ambassador for your country. Professional development is a vital part of any career, but especially in something so meaningful as education for a different culture and generation. Let's take a look at the top 5 ways that will help you to become a better ESL teacher.


1. Watch other teachers

Try to observe as many classes as you can. Often, you only realize that your classes are missing something after seeing another teacher in action. Make sure to ask them about their lessons and why they teach in the way they do. If you can't observe your co-workers or friends at work, there are plenty of quality Youtube videos to watch instead. Try to focus on the different areas of the classroom and how they handle it. How do they manage their time? What...

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Teachlingo Has Landed!


Hi, I'm Pete, ESL teacher and founder of Teachlingo. Today marks an important landmark for us... after months of hard work, Teachlingo has arrived!


Teachlingo was born out of my own frustrations with the ESL job hunting process. I, like many other ESL teachers had precise criteria in mind for the job that I was seeking. I was frustrated at the lack of ability to search for jobs that fit my criteria and found it tedious sending emails back and forth, attaching my CV, and navigating ugly and out-of-date job boards. That's when I thought to myself that there must be an easier way.


Teachlingo is founded on the principal of making the job hunting process as simple as possible. Let's take a quick look at the key features of Teachlingo.



It is easy to create a profile to display your preferences, details and introduction video. The next step is to upload a profile picture and your CV. Once you have filled out your job preferences, recruiters will be...

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